About the Band

Swamp Fox is a group of 5 young guys just looking to have a great time playing music and sharing that with an audience. We love what we do and have an even better time when we get to share that with our fans. We play a diverse mix of music and don't confine ourselves to a single genre. We put a focus on original music and playing covers with our own "Swamp Fox Flare". A big aspect of our music is jamming. We like to take songs you know and love and shape them into something new. Seeing us live brings a whole new element to the music that you would miss from just the recordings alone. So come on out and enjoy the music with us! 


Meet The Members

Connor McCarty started his musical career producing electronic and hip hop beats at a young age. Connors formative years were spent DJing in dark rooms and he was also the front man of the metal band "second vision" and a ska band called "Wam Bam Steel A Van".  In 2014 he grew tired of electronic music and submerged himself into rock and bluegrass music. He then began to learn the arts and mathematics in a year he calls the enlightenment. Finally he met two wise men Scott the sax and John the drum. Shortly after Josh the skilled of many joined and thus Connors vision came one step closer and started Swamp Fox. He still makes electronic music for fun in his spare time. 

Connor Mccarty
Scott Chatfield

Scott Chatfield first found his passion for music when he was 9 years old and chose to learn the alto saxophone. In the 6th grade Scott was given the honor of playing the baritone sax in the school band and jazz band. He fell in love instantly and the bari sax became his signature instrument. Throughout middle and high school Scott experimented with various other instruments such as soprano sax, tenor sax, clarinet, trumpet, flute, trombone, and piano. In 2014 Scott attended school at the College of Saint Rose where he studied for a earned a Bachelor's degree in Music Education. It was during this time where he took classes to refine his skills on the other instruments and made a name for himself with his skills on the bari sax. During his college years Scott became part of 2 bands, The Static Fling brass band and Swamp Fox. After graduating from Saint Rose in 2018, Scott has been jamming out on the tenor and baritone sax, EWI, and occasionally bass, full time for Swamp Fox. He also shares his love of music with students at Mainstreet Music Studio in Cornwall. In his spare time he also writes and arranges music. He recently released his first single "Iceberg" and currently working on his first solo EP.

Johnny "Lu" Lujan

Told by doctors they would never have a child a miracle was born on a nice sunday in april in 1992. Johnny Lu hitting pots and pans since the age of two knew he grew up to be a drummer of a great band. John started his musical career at 13 with punk band "Three Came Threw". He then joined a local metal band "Second Vision". His drumming skills progressed until a turn for the worse happened.... a knee injury that had him stop drumming for 6 years. It didn't stop John from playing music as he went on tour playing guitar and singing with the band "Field Gray". After that John took a 2 year hiatus from music. It was thanks to Scott Chatfield that Johnny Lu sat upon his drums again to form the greatest band he has ever played with, Swamp Fox.


Tom Messina is a composer and guitarist from Orange County, NY. Messina fuses his influences ranging from Rex Orange County to Frank Zappa to create a full spectum of expression of his experiences.


Recently, Messina graduated from SUNY Oneonta, where he performed and wrote with Gnarly Chaplin, Secret Beaches, Midnight Cartunes, and more. Currently, Tom is writing and recording his debut solo album, as well as performing with Ethan Levy and the Emily Beck Band. He is excited to be part of Swamp Fox and contribute to the jams!

Tom Messina

Alex Massimi started his musical career at the age of four when his parents forced him to take piano lessons, which he eventually quit to pick up guitar many years later after he first heard the life changing sound of Robert Plant’s voice. Alex then picked up the bass shortly after high school while playing in his band "The Usuals" and immediately fell in love with it. Alex moved out to Colorado for college and discovered bands like Moe, Umphrey’s Mc Gee and Yonder Mountain String band. While in Colorado Alex was involved in various music projects where he learned the intricacies of musical improvisation.  After moving back to his hometown Cornwall, New York Alex joined a local pop-punk group called the Screaming Meemies where he met the drummer of Swamp Fox, Johnny Lu.

Alex Massimi

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Josh Cergas